• Umigohan

    Topping for rice and other dishes, with intense deliciousness of the sea, centered around Sanriku seaweed. It is deliberately made coarse in order to foreground the taste of raw ingredients, making it go well as toppings for udon and soup.


    Dry-type seaweed topping. Ideal for giving a distinct touch upon various dishes, as well as easier, casual foods, such as miso soup, instant ramen, and salad, adding delicious flavor of the sea.


    “Design Souvenir Award”

    in 2nd New Tohoku Souvenir Competition



    ▼Our products are available at the following locations;

    Miyagi Prefecture:
    S-PAL Sendai “Tohoku Meguri IrotoIro”* / JR Sendai Station 1st Floor “Shokuzai Okoku Miyagi”* / Ishinomaki Umaimono Marche* / Accommo Inn Kesennuma* / Maiya Kesennuma Kita* / Kesennuma Hatoba

    Iwate Prefecture:

    Fureai Murone Shunsaikan



    KOKOLUMINE Store / SALON adam et rope' (atre Kichijoji, Tokyu Plaza Ginza) / Kesennuma Hatoba (in Akihabara Chabara)


    Shizuoka Prefecture:

    Espoa Goto* / Isohachi*



    Izumiya (26 shops)* / SALON adam et rope' (Abeno Hoop)



    Okamoto Shopping Street Reconstruction Support Shop “Kesennuma Matadain”*


    Kumamoto Prefecture:

    Kumamoto Kamogawa Honten*


    Online Store:

    Kesennuma Yamacho.com ( http://www.k-yamachou.com/ )


    *=shops that deal with only Umigohan Furikake



  • Umigohan Furikake

    Seaweed Flavor


    (Mix Flavor)


    (Tororo Kombu)




    (Cut Wakame)

  • Tororo Kombu

    Thick texture and sophisticated flavor go well with simple dishes.


    Intense sea flavor and taste, with impressive bright color when heated. As it quickly melts when heated, handle with care when cooking.

    Cut Wakame

    Strong texture with plain taste that go well with a variety of dishes.

  • Yamacho Onodera Shoten

    1-6-6 Higashi Shinjo, Kesennuma, Miyagi, 988-0066, Japan